Foglight for PostgreSQL

Foglight for PostgreSQL brings, for the first time, true enterprise-class monitoring to this open-source solution. Foglight for PostgreSQL provides Comprehensive performance monitoring, diagnosis and analytics for virtualized and non-virtualized PostgreSQL databases. Gather detailed information on all PostgreSQL Instances running on or associated with Foglight monitored hosts. Foglight for PostgreSQL gives DBA's the information required to quickly and easily detect, diagnose, resolve and report on performance issues; wherever,whenever and however they occur. Foglight for PostgreSQL is easy to deploy so you can be up and running in no time; with minimal footprint and without agent overhead drag on monitored hosts.PostgreSQL is a scalable enterprise database platform that has met with broad acceptance by a wide array of organizations across many industries.

From high-level server operations to database and table-level statistics, Foglight for PostgreSQL offers real-time monitoring and alerting, leveraging the holistic and intuitive data analysis presentation that has made Foglight the leading and most comprehensive APM solution on the market today. The addition of PostgreSQL to the Foglight family of products provides customers with the ability to analyze Postgres performance in context with application and end user experience data to gain comprehensive insight into their business services and database availability.

With rich dashboards and robust data analysis, the solution monitors a variety of server operations including the background writer and write-ahead logs, as well as exposing information on connections, locks, and replication status. The solution integrates with Foglight's host monitoring and incorporates these metrics into key dashboards permitting vital system data to be presented alongside rich database metrics. Dashboards prominently display server health and availability information alongside vital statistics such as resource allocation and key system metrics from the host machine.

Database and table-level statistics are exposed and include both raw and derived metrics. These metrics include memory hit rates, read rates, tuple modifications, transaction commits/rollbacks, standby server conflicts, disk sizes, and deadlocks. Additional information is provided for databases, tables, and indexes. Function comparisons show frequency of use and execution time statistics. To facilitate capacity planning, a tablespaces dashboard exposes growth trends over time, a breakdown of disk space usage on the host machine, and remaining available space. Alerts can be triggered based on the rich rule set provided by the solution and leverage both static and dynamic thresholds. Dynamic thresholds permit the system to learn database behavior over time and alert on environmental anomalies.

Installation of the solution is simple and can be accomplished in as little as five minutes. The solution makes provisions for the agent to be run locally (on the DB host) or remotely from another host. It provides granular control of collection intervals, and the option to disable collections for entire databases or database child objects for which monitoring is deemed unnecessary. With feature-rich out-of-the-box dashboards and rules, PostgreSQL for Foglight provides unparalleled insight into your PostgreSQL infrastructure and immediate benefits to DBA's and Administrators. Over time, the solution continues to pay dividends by offering historical metric analysis, scheduled reporting, alert management, and the facility for operator-enhanced dashboards. Combined, these features bring great insight into database and application availability and ensure improved access to mission-critical data.


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